McMillan Edge HBR

McMillan Edge HBR

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Adapted from the EDGE benchrest stock, the EDGE HBR is specifically designed for Hunter Class competition. The forend has been narrowed to 2.238” by removing the lower rail from the EDGE stock, leaving a solid platform with 1/2” tall sidewalls. The buttstock has a 1/2” flat at the minimum required angle. Unlike the standard Benchrest EDGE, the EDGE HBR does not incorporate a weight system and will be filled so that you can adjust the length of pull. Made of a graphite shell and proprietary light but strong fill, the stock weighs in at 22 ounces. Superior tracking and stability makes this stock the choice of top Hunter Class competitors around the country. We have two molds – one for Remington style tang receivers and one for square tang receivers (Panda, Viper, Nesika, Grizzly, Hall).


This is a version of the EDGE HBR specifically adapted to meet the rules of the WRABF for .22 International Sporter competition. Designed primarily for the Anschutz 54, 64 and 1700 series rifles, this stock has a forearm that is about 2.24” wide and both the forearm and bottom of the buttstock have the required slight convex curve underneath. The bottom of the action area has a slight taper to accept the floorplates of the 1700 series and 64 sporter repeater actions. As with all stocks that use McMillan’s EDGE technology, the shell is 100% graphite, the receiver area fill is a special lightweight yet strong proprietary formulation, and the molded in barrel channel produce a stock that is stiffer, yet lighter than conventional benchrest stocks.

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