Lyman Crusher II Press

Lyman Crusher II Press

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The Crusher II press can handle the toughest reloading jobs and the largest magnums with ease.

Our Crusher II is the ideal press for reloading both rifle and pistol cartridges. The Crusher starts with a 1" diameter ram, compound linkage and a 4 1/2" press opening, which makes even the largest magnum cartridges easy to load. It's classic "O" frame design takes all standard 7/8" x 14 dies. The Crusher II is equipped with hardened and ground linkage pins and retaining rings for a smooth and tight operation. The base design has 14 square inches of "machined flat" surface area with 3 mounting bolt holes (vs. 2 slots for Rock ChuckerT) for perfect rigid mounting. Unlike competitive models, the Crusher's ball handle mounts for either right or left-handed operation.

The Crusher looks great with its durable "silver hammertone" powder coat finish and non-rust handle and links. Like its predecessor, the famous "Orange Crusher", the Crusher II measures up in every way to the best presses made anywhere. Crusher II Press with Priming Arm and Catcher. When it comes to reloading presses and press kits - Shop Lyman for handgun reloading!

Durable "Silver Hammertone" Powder Coat Finish
Base Design is "Machined Flat" for Perfect Mounting to Wood or Metal Bench
Large 1 ½" Frame Opening
Non-Rust Handle & Links
Right or Left Hand Operation

Handgun or Rifle, this versatile turret press is a value-packed alternative to expensive progressive models.

America's favorite high-speed reloading turret press offers unmatched versatility, power and precision. The T-Mag II has a Hi-Tech iron frame with state of the art silver hammertone powder coat finish for guaranteed durability. Lyman's improved Turret Retention System allows smooth indexing while maintaining rock solid turret support. The turret handle makes indexing easier than ever. The T-Mag II's six station turret head lets the reloader mount up to six different reloading dies at one time. Like more expensive progressive presses the turret head detaches to easily change calibers while retaining precise set-up. The turret handle doubles as a turret-removing wrench. No tools required. Obtain extra turret heads and have all your favorite calibers set up to reload.

The T-Mag II features a "flat machined" base that mounts easily to a wood or metal bench. Compound leverage assures a powerful and smooth operation. The handle mounts for either right or left hand use. The T-Mag II uses standard 7/8" x 14 dies and can be used for reloading rifle or pistol cases. It comes with universal priming arm, primer catcher, and turret handle. Shop the Lyman T-Mag II Reloading Press for a reliable and versatile reloading turret press!

Turret System for Greater Stability
"Silver Hammertone" Powder Coat Finish
"Flat Machined" Base for Solid Bench Mounting
Ideal for Pistol Reloading
Right or Left Hand Operation
Non-Rust Handle & Links
Turret Handle Also Used for Disconnecting Turret. No Tools Required.
Turrets Change Easily

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