Delta Titanium HD 2.5-10x56 SFP Digital Illuminated 4A

Delta Titanium HD 2.5-10x56 SFP Digital Illuminated 4A

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The Delta Titanium HD 2.5-10x56 was born in Poland and manufactured was top quality lenses in japan, this is one of Delta's flagship models and is the classic european size riflescope and is equipped with an illuminated 4A reticle perfect for woodland and open field shooting. There are 3 options of the Delta Titanium 2.5-10x56 HD these are : 

  • HD Illuminated 4A
  • HD Illuminated 4A with Side Focus
  • HD Illuminated 4A with Digital Illumination

Coming straight out of the Light Optical Factory in Japan these top quality yet affordable optics tick the boxes for many hunters & shooters across the world. The Delta Titanium HD 2.5-10x56 gives uncompromising performance yet is affordable for the everyday shooter. The HD Japanese lenses found within these scopes give maximum light transmission and image clarity through out their power ranges & are brilliant in even at last light.  The Delta Titanium HD 2.5-10x56 is one of the most popular models in the Delta Titanium HD range and enjoy an unflagging interest from customers. The Delta Titanium 2.5-10x56 4A has very good technical parameters and perform well during hunting at dusk. The Delta Titanium HD 2.5-10x56 versatile power range allows the shooter to perform medium to long range shots but with the added benefit of cranking down the power to allow for fast moving game. HD riflescopes are the latest addition to Titanium family. The new Titanium HD version provides much less "tube effect" than previous model. It results in generous field of view due to improved optical construction and increased eye lens diameter.

  • High-grade optics with good sharpness and good dusk value
  • HD Glass that minimises chromatic aberrations and gives even better sharpness
  • New wide angle octopus that completely eliminates the appearance of the tube
  • Fully Multi Coated (FMC) lenses for better sharpness, resolution and colour rendering
  • Waterproof and moisture proof
  • Nitrogen Filled
  • Robust construction
  • Shockproof (1000G/6500J)
  • High light transmission (92%)
  • Non-competing target
  • Day/Night illuminated direction
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