Noblex N6 2-12x50 4i Reticle

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Nature is unpredictable. That is why it is even more important that you can rely on your equipment. With the V6 rifle scopes, NOBLEX presents once again a highperformance, reliable companion for the modern hunter. The three models meet all requirements for a modern rifle scope: a 6-fold zoom factor, large fields of view for comfort and safety, superfine reticle with a dimmable illuminated dot for most precise shots even at long distances as well as a intuitively operated illuminated dot control. State-of the-art glass materials and coating technologies guarantee bright, high-contrast, sharplycontoured and brilliant images.

Finest reticle for precise shots

To prepare the hunters for today‘s challenges of hunting in the best possible way, we have equipped all NOBLEX N6 models with reticle 4i in the 2nd image plane — a further development of the proven reticle 4. Hair-thin lines guide your eye precisely to the aim point. It is kept in signal red and can be continuously adapted to all light conditions. Whether in the glistening sunshine or moonlit night — it is immediately detected by the shooter and guarantees a precise shot. The space around the aim point is designed sufficiently large to minimize distracting coverings.

The NOBLEX shiftcontrol illumination control

If the light conditions change, you can adapt your NOBLEX N6 rifle scope by one flick of the wrist to the environmental brightness. A continuously adjustably and silently working illumination control adapted to the physiology of the eyes ensures optimum detectability and strong contrasts under all light conditions. With the automatic shut-off, you are also saving resources. If the control is not operated for 180 minutes, the illumination switches off automatically — and, thanks to the integrated memory function, it is immediately available after a reactivation in the last set brightness.

  • Rifle scopes with 6-fold zoom
  • Entirely suitable for all types of hunt
  • Extremely fine reticle for maximum shooting precision
  • External lenses with non-stick coating NOBLEXmulticlean (Nmcl)
  • Dimmable reticle, perfect for all light conditions
  • Intuitively operated, comfortable and silently working illumination control
  • High transmission performance for bright images
  • Large interpupillary distance offers the highest level of safety during a shot
  • Personalized fast reticle adjustment (fra), can be retrofitted for all N6, except driven hunt riflescope

This is how sovereignty feels like: Easy to handle and lightweight on stalking and for a mountain hunt, fast for raised hide on wild boars at night. Our all-rounder provides all properties hunters attach importance to – and like all NOBLEX products, this riflescope scores with brilliant optics and precisely worked mechanics.

Technical Data

Magnification: 2 – 12
Ø Lens aperture (mm): 50
Ø Exit pupil (mm): 11.1 – 4.2
Field of vision (m/100 m): 18.75 – 3.13
Twilight performance: 10 – 24.5
Adjustment per click (cm/100 m): 1.0
Max. adjustment range (cm/100 m): Höhe 274 | Seite 168
Center tube diameter (mm): 30
Length at zero position (mm): 353
Mass without rail (g): 650
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