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The Phantom takes into account all the requirements for modern night hunting. Utilising a military-style design and offering maximum functionality, the Phantom is an obvious choice for anyone who demands the highest quality and impeccable reliability. It is fully weatherproofed, thanks to a nitrogen filled optical channel and waterproofing to IPX6, and can be used anywhere. Arctic ice fields or desert sands, humid tropical forests or harsh Siberian taiga – the Phantom is ready to do its job regardless of weather conditions. The body of the Phantom is made of highly durable glass-filled plastic. The body shell design and high grade intensifier tubes ensure shock proofing to heavy calibres, including 9.3x62, 9.3x74 and 375H&H.

The Gen 2+ tube has Automatic Brightness Control (ABC) and, coupled with the high quality, wide-aperture lens, provides a sharp and clear picture. The high light gain, combined with the built-in IR - Illuminator, allows hunting even in situations of critically low night illumination (down to 10-4 lx – overcast starlight) The fast start-up function (the sight is “On” only while pressing a button) is very useful for making quick assessments. The problem of choosing a reticle has also been solved effectively. With the Phantom, you can choose the most suitable reticle configuration and change it by simply pressing a button (the Phantom with the Mil-Dot reticle is also available). The voltage stabilization system eliminates reticle shift even with an almost discharged battery. All main controls are on top of the body simplifying accessibility. These and other useful features make the Phantom one of the most interesting and promising new recruits to the class of elite night vision riflescopes.

  • Generation - 2+
  • Dimensions - 257x95x103 / 288x95x103 / 360x95x103
  • Magnification - 3.0x / 4.0x / 6.0x
  • Field of View - 13" / 11" / 8"
  • Weight - 1095g / 1245g / 1545g
  • Infra Red - Yes
  • Pouch/Case - Yes
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