Lightforce T-Bar Grip 225mm with Window Frame Mount

Product no.: RC225WINDOW
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The Lightforce Window Mount Kit with Remote Handle is a versatile and portable hunting system providing hands-free, scratch-free and rugged remote control roof mounting for your handheld spotlight, in seconds.

Mount your remote control and spotlight in any vehicle window frame in a matter of seconds. The window mount is ideal for non-shooter side operation in any situation, or when roof mounting is simply not an option.

Pre-assembled with the lightweight and waterproof remote control, the window mount with remote handle is ready to mount to any Lightforce Halogen Handheld with no wiring required thanks to the new Plug & Play AMP connectors.


■ Adjustable height to fit any window frame

■ Install and remove within seconds, no tools required.

■ Universal remote mounting bracket

■ Compact and lightweight

■ Durable powder coated finish

The remote controls are uniquely light weight and waterproof. Fitted with a fully enclosed, rubber booted on/off switch in the handle; variable tension adjustment can be selected from the base of the ball head to fix the light in one position or enable it to be freely rotated through 360 degrees.


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Lightforce RM170 Striker Halogen Lightforce RM170 Striker Halogen
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Lightforce RM240 Blitz Halogen Lightforce RM240 Blitz Halogen
£149.00 *
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